May 132017

wine tasting 2This special trip has been organised by Brigid and Gordon in honour of the 10th Anniversary of the U3A Vall del Pop – full details are in the Upcoming Events column on the right-hand side of the Homepage of this website.




At the moment there are still some seats spare on the coach. GomezTortosa-Novelda

While you are welcome to contact Brigid and join the full wine-tasting experience, she would like members to know that the town of Novelda, close to the vineyard, is a beautiful historic town with many interesting features -including the Santuario de Santa María Magdalena (designed by a pupil of Gaudi), the Castillo de Mola and many museums as well as shops and restaurants. If any members would like to explore Novelda rather than taking the wine-tasting trip they can book themselves a seat on the coach for 11€.