Code of Conduct and Grievance Policy and Procedure


Code of Conduct
As a self-funded, member-based organisation, U3A Vall del Pop expects that all members will behave in a courteous and civilised manner in all dealings relevant to U3A Vall del Pop. As a member of U3A Vall del Pop, you therefore agree to abide by this Code of Conduct by:
1. Participating in U3A Vall del Pop activities in a friendly and positive way at all times.
2. Promoting U3A Vall del Pop in a positive way, refraining from harming the organisation’s reputation or relationships by inappropriate comment or action.
3. Being honest and ethical in all dealings with U3A Vall del Pop, its members and other related organisations.
4. Showing respect, courtesy and consideration to everyone you deal with in U3A Vall del Pop, related organisations and the general public in relation to U3A activities.
5. Not engaging in behaviour that is inappropriate, disruptive or intimidating and by avoiding all forms of discriminatory behaviour.
6. Observing strict confidentiality regarding organisational and members’ personal information to which you may have access; never disclosing contact details of any U3A Vall del Pop member or anyone without their permission.
7. Abiding by this and all other U3A Vall del Pop policies and procedures.
Your committee has developed the Code of Conduct to make sure that all of us, in whatever role we are acting, are aware of our responsibilities to each other and to this organisation.

Grievance Policy and Procedure
This policy statement is underpinned by the U3A Vall del Pop Code of Conduct which applies to all members. The Grievance Procedure outlined in this document seeks to provide a mechanism to deal with these issues.

Initial informal approach

All U3A Vall del Pop members are expected to behave in a courteous and civilised manner in dealing with any issue that arises, and to seek to resolve the problem informally – where appropriate without compromising the U3A.

If either party is not happy with the above informal resolution, then the formal procedure below may be followed.

Formal Grievance Procedure

1. A formal written complaint can be made by a member or other party by letter or email, directed to the President or Secretary, U3A Vall del Pop who will acknowledge receipt of same.
2. In the first instance the Secretary will act as Grievance Officer and delegate responsibility, as appropriate through consultation with the President.
3. A meeting will be organised between the Grievance Officer and the appropriate parties.
4. The Grievance Officer, with reference to other parties, will make a direction as to the validity of the grievance.
5. The Grievance Officer will report to the President and Committee on conclusion of the issue and the matter will be treated as confidential.
6. The aggrieved party will be contacted by the President, verbally, written or email whichever is appropriate with the U3A’s decision on the grievance.
7. The Grievance Officer and U3A Vall del Pop will keep written records of all formal grievance processes. The record will include the details of all actions taken to resolve or attempt to resolve the grievance or concern and the outcomes of these actions.

amended January 2015