Brigid Redmond

Brigid Redmond

Brigid admits she has travelled all her life – originally born in Plymouth, she was taken as a baby to live in Singapore, living near the infamous Changi prison camp. After that, her family moved to Kenya before finally settling in the UK.

She and her husband, John, moved to Spain twenty years ago, and so she has a wealth of expat knowledge to draw upon. They have four children and three grandchildren living in England.

Her career background is in education – from young children, to Teaching English as a Foreign Language and then teaching in special needs schools, including the Lady Elizabeth school in Lliber. Brigid is qualified as a Speech Therapist, and offers help to stroke victims with speech impairments.

She is involved with several groups in the U3A, her main pre-occupation at the moment being the WineTasting group. Brigid has also worked with the Careline Theatre group and Denia Help.