This is the place on the website where we put trip reports, any interesting bits of writing by U3A members, and articles containing useful information. Click on the headings below to read individual items.

- Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden, a story by Jean Watson

- Sangreal Trip in March 2017

- Talk by Daniel Herranz on Tax and Brexit at the April General Meeting

- Information on Caritas donations

- The U3A Anthem

- Trip to Portugal in October 2015

- Trip to the Bio-Parc in Valencia on 16th October 2015

- Trip to Granada and the Alpujarras in May 2015

- Short Story Competition in December 2014

- Green Spain Trip in September 2014

- Information on Spanish Phone Numbers starting with 900, 901, 902 and 905

- Mid-Season Coffee Morning in Jalon Square

- Court Appearance for large U3A Group in Rafol

- A Visit to  Cadiz in May 2014

- Summer Picnic at Mas la Pau on 13th June

- New Traffic Regulations from 9th May 2014

- President’s Annual Report 2013-14

- Spanish Galleon in Alicante – by Lorraine Barker

- The Novelda Trip 2013 -  a report by Rena Roskoss

- “2013 Cruise Memories” - Dennis Arthurs, Anne Martyr and Mike Bulleid tell us about the joys of an autumn cruise in the Adriatic

- The U3A Christmas Meeting – a report by Carol Lockhart, December 2013

- The Publicity Officer’s Lot – a poem by Carol Lockhart, December 2013

- The Treasurer’s Woes – a poem by Jim Lockhart

- Leader of the Friday Walking Group and well-known Octogenarian John Chilcott writes about his exciting trip to India in 2013

- A Personal View from my West Country Cottage Summer 2013 through the eyes of member Jenny Mulstroh

- Andalucia Trip  28th April 2013. Members’ Blogs to accompany all those photos in the Gallery!

- The Cuenca Trip April 2013 - members’ reports, photos and a poem!

- Valentine Verse Poems - the winners and all the other entries of the competition in Jan/Feb 2013 

- Spanish Intercambio – details of the Denia intercambio scheme, a chance to improve your Spanish

- SIP cards – what you need to know about these important healthcare cards from Elaine Horton

- The Concentaina Trip October 2012 - a pictorial view from Lorraine Barker

- Madrid and Much More - a report of the Madrid Trip in Oct 2012 from Jim and Angela Scottow

The Power of Food - a chart showing the benefits of various foods from Sheila Skinner

An Essay on Life in England by Jenny Mulstroh