Jun 192015

fire alert

With the onset of the BBQ season and the High Fire Risk season, we thought it a good idea to confirm at the Town Hall the rules that apply. Juan Martinez told Shirley that :-

♦ There are three levels of  “ALERTA” for forest fires  -  1, 2 and 3.   When 1 and 2 apply, BBQs burning charcoal may be used.   But if we are on ALERTA 3 all burning is prohibited, and high fines are payable if you are caught.

♦ To find out which ALERTA  is in force on the day you wish to use your BBQ you should consult :-

FORESTAL – Vicente Ivars   669 367 863
Or you can call the emergency number 112,  or call  96 515 0810
Or you can send an SMS to 217213 -  “FOC consulta”

Shirley tried out these instructions,  dialling 96 515 0810 and asking, “En que ALERTA estamos?”  When asked to say where she was speaking from  she said, “Provincia de Alicante, Lliber, Poligono 8”.  The answer was given straight away, “ALERTA 2”.  The same procedure applies for dialling 112.   If you choose to speak to Vicente Ivars, the local Forestry Department officer, similar wording would suffice.

Fire alerts are also issued in the winter, particularly at times of high winds.