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The annual subscription fee is;

 New members, admin fee of 5€ + annual fee of 5€   = 10€.
Existing members………………….annual fee of 5€.   =  5€.

A membership card will be issued to all members.
A small charge may also be payable to leaders of any groups you attend, to cover the cost of refreshments and other expenses. Some groups may charge a little extra if there are significant other costs, for instance to pay a teacher, and this is normally stated on the group’s own news page on this website.

If you have any queries about joining our group please contact the Membership Secretary

From the year 2017, NEW MEMBERS pay an administrative joining fee of 5€, in addition to the annual fee of 5€ for their first year or part-year. Download the membership application form here  and bring the completed form to a monthly meeting and give it to the membership secretary. Details of the next meeting are posted on our Home page.

MEMBERS who renew their membership by 31st March in the following year will only pay the annual fee of 5€. However, the database will be closed on 31st March, and members wishing to renew after that date, will need to rejoin, which will include the adminstrative joining fee of 5€. If you are renewing your membership before 31st March, you do not need to complete a form unless your contact details have changed. Just come along to the monthly meeting with your fee, and you will be issued with a new card for the new year.

For renewals before 31st March, you can also pay your subscription via online banking. Our account number is ES26 2100 6033 2102 0003 8126. Please make sure that you state your name and membership number as you do this, and ask the bank to include it on their document as a reference. Your card will be waiting for you when you next come to a general meeting, or, if this is difficult for you, someone else can collect it for you.

If your details have changed please let the Membership Secretary know as soon as possible, either by email, or by downloading the “Change of Details” form here, and bringing it to a monthly meeting.

If you wish to contact the organisation in writing, please note that our registered address is:
U3A Vall del Pop, Apartado Postal 120, 03727 Xalo


A copy of our constitution is here

A copy of our Policy Document is here

A copy of our Code of Conduct and Grievance Policy and Procedure is here

A copy of our Treasurer’s Report  is here