Gardening Index


Use this table to locate those pieces of gardening information that you remember reading…but don’t know when! When you have identified the article you want, the first three columns will give you the year, month and page of the Newsletter in which it was first published.


year month page contents
2015 Sep 12 Roses
Apr 12 Herbs
Mar 11 The Perfumed Garden
Feb 11 Advice on buying plants; Processionary Caterpillars
Jan 9 Pruning
2014 Dec 15 Poinsettia
  Nov 13 Second Spring – Roses and Bulbs
Oct  5 Olive Trees
Sep  9 Tough plants – Salvias, Datura, and Yuccas
  Jun 14 More reliable plants – Rosemary, Oleander, NZ Christmas Tree and Bottlebrush
May 5 Reliable Plants for Spanish Gardens – Euryops, Lantana, Buddleia, Lavender
Apr 9 Ground Rules – Aspect, Soil, Water
Mar 6 Daffodils
Feb 7 Cyclamen