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Image: Abu Simbel

To new and to all former Egyptology Group Vall del Pop members,

Well, as you may know, this September Egyptology is back in business in Jalon! The first of the new series of lectures will be on Monday 3rd September, starting at 11 am in the Jalon Town Hall meeting room (as before).

The subject of the presentation will be ‘The Body in tomb 55: The Story of the Amarna Heresy’ – one of the most dramatic and controversial subjects in Egyptology. I am sure you have an opinion on Akhenaten and his religious reforms, but this will be my take on the thorny issue. I will be exposing this most extraordinary of ancient ruler’s triumphs and failures as we investigate a small, little-known tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

There will be a small entry charge for Ancient Egypt meetings this year of €2 to help with my costs in putting on these presentations … but you get a complimentary cup of tea/coffee and biscuits, courtesy of Bob and Sandra, to soften the blow! 

I hope you can join us once again for the new season … and please spread the word.