Dining Experience News


Group contact and meeting details:
Leader/contact:Marie Fitzgerald and Carole Wardle
Details:Telephone... ... Email... mcfgroupsu3a@gmail.com
Location:Different restaurants in the valley
Meets:Variable days/times ... Lunchtime or evening, usually Friday or weekend ...

IMPORTANT! If any of the above information needs to be changed, please email details to groupchanges@u3avalldelpop.com

This group meets once a month except for July, August and December when there are so many other things happening.  We visit different  restaurants, but occasionally go to a member's house if someone offers. Our meeting times are flexible, but tend to be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, at lunchtime in winter, and in the evening in summer.

Most venues are within the valley, but we have been to Benissa and the Altea area in the past. We normally try to keep the price to around €12 to €15, but occasionally we might agree to spend a bit more. We go to all kinds of restaurants, and group members suggest new venues, or an old favourite that they think the rest of us would enjoy.

Please contact the group leader directly if you'd like some more information about the group, or to find out where and when our next meeting will be.