Flower Arranging News


Group contact and meeting details:
Leader/contact:Sandra Wiblin and Belinda Crick
Details:Telephone... SW:654111427 BC:686222754 ... Email...
Location:Cappuccino Bar, Orba
Meets:Monday ... 14:00 till 16:00 ... Fortnightly

IMPORTANT! If any of the above information needs to be changed, please email details to groupchanges@u3avalldelpop.com


Flower Arranging

Please note – the class has moved to the Cappuccino Bar in Orba, still 2-4pm,
but every TWO weeks, starting from Monday 13th November

In Jo’s absence Sandra Wiblin and Belinda Crick will be running the group – phone numbers above


The classes are held every other week from 2-4pm, and there is a cost of 2 euros to cover tea or coffee and any printing.

 If you are interested in joining us, please contact us as above.

The class has to be limited in size, so please check before coming for the first time.
Students will need to bring either scissors or secateurs, a tea towel, and a small plastic bag for rubbish, and I will let them know in advance what flowers, foliage and container to bring for each class.
Please do contact us as above if you have any other questions about the classes.


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