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Group contact and meeting details:
Leader/contact:Marie Fitzgerald
Details:Telephone... ... Email...
Meets:Monday ... 11am to 12noon ... Weekly

IMPORTANT! If any of the above information needs to be changed, please email details to

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We have now started Keep Fit classes with a focus on exercises beneficial to our age range and open to both men and women.


The following information is intended to give you an insight into where, when and what will happen to help you decide if a class is for you!

  • Keep Fit classes restart 10th September 2018 with a focus on exercises beneficial to our age range and open to both men and women.
    COST PER SESSION Euros 4 per person
  • Weekly 1 hour Alcalali Mondays 1100- 1200 except Fiesta Holiday dates.
  • You would need comfortable suitable footwear i.e. trainers or something similar, an exercise mat (thin foam ones about E5 available from any Chinese Bazaar), a towel and, most importantly, a bottle of water etc.
  • Before joining, a form giving background information about any medical issues eg Back, Shoulder, Hips and Knees should be completed.
  • Simple and effective : classes start with a warm up session, followed by a mixture of dance moves/aerobics to music from the sixties, seventies, eighties and your favourite hits of today.
  • After a complete body toning we will relax down. This class is good for mind, body and soul, leaving you tension free and rejuvenated. Good for all ages. Cost Euro4 per person per class


If you are interested in joining this class, please send your membership number and email contact details
to Marie Fitzgerald ( Groups Co-ordinator)

 Your details will be passed to the instructor.