Padel News


Group contact and meeting details:
Leader/contact:Duncan and Patricia Thompson
Details:Telephone... 634 33 46 89 ... Email... or Restart on Monday 3rd September 2018 at 2.30
Location:Padel Centre, Ondara
Meets:Monday ... 2:30 to 4pm ... Weekly

IMPORTANT! If any of the above information needs to be changed, please email details to

  • Padel is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court 10m x 30mpadel + ball
  • Scoring is the same as normal tennis
  • The balls used are similar to normal tennis but with a little less pressure
  • The racquets are solid and stringless
  • Serves must be underhand and at or below waist level
  • Balls may be played off the walls of the court as in squash

Members wishing to play should send an email to the above address by the previous Saturday evening so that courts can be reserved

The first meeting of the group is on Monday 27th February at the indoor Padel Centre in Ondara.
The cost is 4€ for 1½ hours.
Bats and balls will be provided initially for new players.
The group is open for all levels and some initial tuition will be given by the leaders if required.