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Group contact and meeting details:
Leader/contact:Krystyna Rogers
Details:Telephone... 67 170 1624 ... Email... mikryscalpe@hotmail.com
Location:Jalon, Pensionistas (near the Library)
Meets:Friday ... Main: 9.30am Beginners: 11am ... Weekly

IMPORTANT! If any of the above information needs to be changed, please email details to groupchanges@u3avalldelpop.com

Tai Chi

- payment of €5 monthly on the first lesson of each month in advance to cover expenses -
- wear loose and comfortable clothing and bring sturdy socks or pliable shoes -

UPDATE Aug 27th. 2018  Classes Restart 5th October 2018,

this first session is COMBINED and starts at 10:00 am

thereafter back to normal class times.  Krystyna.


Tai Chi, based on ancient Chinese martial art, is a gentle, fluid and graceful exercise form proven to be powerfully effective in relaxing and strengthening both the body and mind.

Tai Chi is considered suitable for almost everybody regardless of age and physical ability. Krystyna’s students range from 40 to 80+ and include people with mobility and coordination problems and with chronic illnesses.

The movements (shabashi) are relaxed and harmonious - creating a “self-help therapy“ with no side effects (except a few aches and pains initially!).

Diligent practice of Tai Chi will improve mental relaxation, the ability to concentrate and balance and coordination.  Physical health will also be improved through strengthening the body’s systems - for example, it is medically acknowledged as beneficial in diabetic, digestive, hypertensive, cardio-vascular, respiratory and muscular-skeletal disorders including such problems as arthritis, fibromyalgia, stress and heart disease.

Chi Kung is a recognised “warm-up“ and practice exercise routine which, whilst beneficial in its own right,  also incorporates many of the shabashi techniques vital to Tai Chi.

Regular practice of Chi Kung followed by Tai Chi, on the beach, in the park or even at home, will maximise  general well-being and strengthen natural defences against ill-health.

Better still, with Krystyna, it’s great fun too!

Email    mikryscalpe@hotmail.com

Tel  965836760     Mobile  671701624 / 5

Tai Chi with Krystyna   –  Testimonials

Thanks for your inspiration “ J & A

“ Tai Chi has been of tremendous benefit to my husband and me . It assists in balance and posture & brings back a feeling of fluidity of movement that is so often lacking in us 80 year olds. .. helps ease tension & stress” J & P

“ Thank you Krystyna for all the joy you give us with Tai Chi “ A & J

“ I wanted to tell you just how much I am enjoying Tai Chi. Four months ago I was just recovering from deep depression …. coming to your classes has given me so much joy & peace “ J M

“ Thank you for being such a good teacher . Better breathing, balance & memory retention. …..a calming effect – I love it “ A W

“ beginning to come together for me ……I also know that that the teachers’ expertise and attitude are paramount to my new concept of well being “ R

“ Krystyna – many thanks for your wonderful patience , humour & commitment . You are a star “ Anon

“ ….. we lost our only child ….. very suddenly. When I do my Tai Chi it helps me to cope with the grief . I may be crying when I start …. but by the time I have finished I feel very calm.” P W

“Having recently been ill plus had a time of great sorrow , I find returning to Tai Chi has helped me to cope. The support from Krystyna and the group has been wonderful and the Tai Chi movements have a calming effect. I think it is the fact that I concentrate – during that time all other thoughts are forgotten. Thank you “ M W

“ …and here comes Tai Chi to my rescue ! I first tried it very briefly on a Yangtse river boat , many years ago but …. til I joined our U3A Tai Chi group. One of my grandchildren once told me I wasn’t old just an “ older adult “ and I feel that Tai Chi is the answer for we “older adults”…”meditation in motion” ,… a positive effect on strength and flexibility ..and on balance. …for me the true enjoyment lies in being with our group who offer me companionship ‘ friendship and plenty of laughter – the panacea of all ills ! B . B. 

“ ….. Krystyna through her patience and skill has brought us to the standard we are today. Tai Chi brings peace and calm into my life – this was such a help during a long period of depression…………there is an excellent beginners class which will be fun and lead to profound joy as it has for me “ J M

“ …….. and I have been doing Tai Chi for four years now and in that time Krystyna has taught me to relax , not be anxious and not to panic – to be able to cope with a lot of the things that the world wants to throw at you. The relaxation sessions make you forget everything ….she says Bin the Rubbish and that helps me to concentrate “ P W

“I started Tai Chi four years ago and believe that it has been the best form of exercise that I have undertaken . The stretching movements use every muscle in the body, being both energising and therapeutic. For me the beauty of Tai Chi is that it only takes 20 minutes to perform , using only a small amount of space , without any equipment or special clothing . I have Tai Chi music on my I-pad ………when I travel I can enjoy the benefits anywhere and my grand-daughter loves to join in . I would recommend anyone with arthritic joints to try this …….. and makes you feel good “ S W

A Male Novices Perspective “The bad news on that day 18 months ago was the diagnosis of the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. A more positive outcome was the need to challenge the brain with specific activities such as Tai Chi ……..wonderful utube footage of Chinese performing an incredibly graceful slow motion dance routine. …….as one who possesses all the grace and refinement of a cart horse this really was going to be a challenge but I enrolled for Krystyna’s classes. Learning the “ Form” is not a rushed business . Novices are individually coached through each part ………… It has certainly knocked some of the rougher edges off this old cart horse. After 18 months I am still learning to refine my technique and am constantly challenged. The relaxation exercises ( Chi Kung ) at the beginning of each session are a wonderful way to chill out ……… yet enjoyable way to spend an hour on a Friday morning …….. not without its moments of humour………whilst rebooting the brain ……. come along and have some fun. M W

T & H   Just a few words to express our sincere gratitude for your infinite patience, kindness and efficiency.  I had no idea that I would enjoy Tai Chi so much. I know that I am quite hopeless but I feel I am making good progress and I know that overall the discipline and exercises can only be good for me -  as long as you turn a blind eye to my capers!
My partner is really hooked and wouldn’t miss a lesson for the world. He notices a  great improvement in flexibility and balance.
We both enjoy the relaxed, easy and friendly company of our classmates.  All of this is generated by your calm, charming approach to teaching and helpfulness especially to the less agile members of the group, such as myself.      T and HK

Some years ago I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis of the spine with constant back pain .  I did not want to increase my intake of medication so was advised to work to improve my core strength.
Having tried Pilates and found the range of appropriate exercises too restricted, I then joined Krystyna’s Tai Chi class .  I joined the class part way through but with regular (most days) practice it soon started to come together and I suddenly realised my back no longer hurt so much.
I had to give up for a number of months due to illness and an accident  -  my constant back pain returned.
I went back to Tai Chi at the end of 2014 and gradually my back pain is easing. It does not happen overnight   -  it took 12 months last time with regular practice and I will get back there again. It can be done.
Krystyna is a very good teacher  -  knowledgeable and approachable. The classes are good fun and very informal. Tai Chi  is very gentle and can be done by anyone of any age.  I have never been one for exercise so if I can do it you can too.  CC

L & D We have been going to Krystyna’s Tai Chi classes in Jalon since she started a few years ago now and, of all the U3A classes we do, this is the one we would be most loathe to give up.
When we joined, my elderly parents joined shortly after at our urging and benefitted greatly until ill health forced them both to quit. The classes helped them to remain flexible and keep their balance thus lessening the chances of falls in old age.
We ourselves have found it a wonderful way to exercise and keep flexible. Our balance has improved, and we know the difference if we have missed a session. However perhaps what we most appreciate is the meditative aspect. It relaxes and calms after a stressful week (yes, even in retirement). As time goes on the “Form” becomes part of you and automatic – then you can concentrate more on the breathing and making the style more elegant and fluid.
Although most of us are guilty of not always practising, to Krystyna’s perpetual dismay, what we really love is doing it together as a group. You can feel the energy in the room and we all love the feeling when we know it has gone well and we feel “right”. D and LA