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Booking Guidelines for Members Participating in Organized Events/Travel
(updated October 2015)

    1. All events will be displayed on the website in advance of the General Meeting and issued in a monthly bulletin emailed to all members. 

    2. Events will be launched at the General Meetings, when bookings and payments will be taken. No bookings or payments will be accepted before this date. In the event of more members wishing to make bookings than we have places available reserve lists will be started.

    3. If places are available after the General meeting, then members may telephone or e-mail the organiser of the event to book their places and arrange payment.

    4. A date for final payment will be published and monies must be paid on or before this date, otherwise the booking is not secured and will be forfeited. Names will then be taken from the reserve list. (Late bookings may be acceptable subject to availability.)

    5. Membership cards and contact details must be shown for all bookings.

    6. At our General Meetings a couple will be able to book for one other couple (that is a total of four places). A single person will be able to book for one other member, provided in all cases that Membership cards and contact details for all persons are shown to the organisers at the time of booking.

    7. Members participate in activities at their own risk and are responsible for arranging their own insurances.

    8. U3A Refund Policy: No refund, including deposit and final payment, will be given unless a replacement can be found.

    9. Coach Trips: To avoid any misunderstanding, a seating policy has been agreed, stating that all members must keep their original seats for the entire trip.

    10. TCET organisers are available at General Meetings at 10:00 to accept bookings for activities, trips and events. To make sure that Travel, Culture and Entertainment Team members and organisers are not disadvantaged it will be necessary to allow them to pre-book events/travel. 

Your co-operation and patience at the time of booking would be appreciated  


Please note:
- Individuals must ensure that they have appropriate  personal insurance to cover all trips, events etc.
- The U3A cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury however caused.
- Please make sure that you travel with the appropriate documents (NIE, passport, medical cover & residency) required if hospital treatment is needed.