Leader/Contact Gordon Rodman
Contact Details Tel ... 693 725 199
Location Riu Rau, Jalon
Day/Time Thursday 2.30pm
How Often Weekly

Games Addicts

games addicts

We are a group that likes to keep those grey cells active, and pride ourselves on being a friendly, light hearted crowd. We play games that could be described as abstract strategy games but they are social too. We don’t generally play themed board games, you know, the sort you play at Christmas!

We have a good stock of games that include Rummikub, Rummikub word, Qwirkle, Upwords, Balderdash, Boggle, Sequence etc. We even have some home grown word games.

We gather every Thursday at 2.30 at Riu Rau Restaurante in Jalon. It is a great venue, where, weather permitting, we can meet outside. Some of us often get there a bit earlier and have some lunch.

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