Leader/Contact Paul Corazzo - 603 717 784
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Location Pensionistas, Xaló
Day/Time Monday 2.30pm - 4.00pm
How Often Weekly

Let's Sing Together...For Fun

Mixed Media & Art

Like most people a tune will pop into your head and you start singing along. How come you can remember the words, not always the right words, but can't remember why you've walked into a room.

So the idea is to Sing songs that we enjoy, are fun and lifts our spirits

Once we have got going we hope to ask you to be fully involved by suggesting your favourite tunes that we can downloads and sing.
There will be no pressure, no performances, no dressing up.....just you raising the roof and hopefully going home , humming a tune or two and feeling really good.
 So I hope you will pop along and join us. 

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